Encrypted message – CMEncrypt 9.2

From: Celestalis <CMencrypt9.2>
Date: October, 1 2499 +GMT+02.00
To: CM <CMencrypt9.2>
Subject: New opportunity

Dear colleagues,

I’ve finally found a new base. You all know the previous city, among fascist cops, terrorists and psychos, was not going to work for us anymore.
I would have choked the fuckers one by one in a dark alley, but you know the rules: business always comes before pleasure.

The new town was abandoned back in the day due to over-pollution giving cancer to the majority of the population: when that was clear, the corporations scooted and who could followed. The others slowly died.

Looks like some researchers found the cure to cancer, at least to this form, and a corporation is coming back to produce the cure in large amounts.

The place is still empty, real estate prices are close to nothing and I want Crimson Merchants to be here first.

I’ve met Realcov big heads, the architects and¬†engineers who built the place, and they’re¬†alright in having new residents. They might have understood what we do, but guaranteed no one will bother us.

If they do, we will play hide and seek like the old times: no one will wonder about the corpses here.

This message is being also sent to the few who backed us up in the previous city, so that they know where to find help and shelter.

Find hereby attached the encrypted route to come here, I’ll see you soon with pleasure.



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