Down in the blinding light, it’s getting cold
I’ve been worn out by the night, but I can’t let go

Celestalis leaned on the huge window, letting his training retreat in the back of his brain.
Outside, the black and blue city was endlessly glooming and shining under his eyes. The air was crystal clear, pollution was mostly gone by decades.

The sound in my ears exclaim I’ve been here long
The freedom hard to maintain, I should be gone

He pushed against the oblique glass to move away, grabbed an aluminum container of chicken masala and a Kingfisher beer from the fridge and sat on the zero-g leather couch.

Long have I waited here for nothing to come
The sequence of twisted turns, that can’t be undone

Music was unrolling from the hidden speakers in the walls, distorted and saturated in the remix version by a glitch musician.

Zei was away since a couple of months. They had agreed on a no contact policy, as usual in this kind of missions. Celestalis sipped some beer from the bottle and thought she should be on her way back at this time. She had passes to be granted access back in the city, she knew exactly which outposts were abandoned, which guards could be corrupted and how to hack the turrets.

A beautiful day, the flood only washing the want away
cool light in the sun, and you’re still where you begun

He smiled to himself. Warpaint, armours, weapons, gunships and still they couldn’t see.
He and Ash alone had taken care of twelve Black Guards. At dawn, they had sealed the corpses in bodybags and sent them back to Nova Venetia in a drone ship, hoping it was the last time.

Long have I waited here for nothing to come
The sequence of twisted turns, that can’t be undone

Celestalis stood up, walked in front of the large window and lit a cigar of cloned cuban tobacco. He touched a sensor and the window started whirring and slowly lifting up.
Blowing a cloud of smoke in the fresh springtime air, he let his training take over again.


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