Six impossibile things before breakfast

The white Lancia-Chrysler Delta lands in front of the Marcianum school for foster children. A slender lady in a dark long dress and a large brimmed hat descends from the hover car. Her pale skin is mostly hidden by big, black sunglasses. She looks thirty-something.

The door opens and a middle aged woman appears. ‘Countess Orsini! It’s an honour for the school to have you here today, we…’
The lady in black raises a hand and stops the woman ‘thanks Director, now where is little Lawrence Gabrieli?’.
The woman gestures, clearly excited, pointing towards a corridor ‘He’s waiting in my office and we would really thank you for your donation, it is such…’
But the lady is already walking in the office direction. She opens the door and faces a seven year old child with long hair, holding a blue backpack.
The lady smiles and extends her hand: ‘I’m Frida. Are you ready to go?’.

The hover car dives in the lagoon, suddenly turning dark-blue on the exterior. The child covers his face in terror, but Frida touches his hands ‘it’s all under control, no more car crashes for you’.

Lawrence looks astonished while standing in front of a huge window: ‘I can’t believe this!’ Outside, algae and fish are passing by.
The lady raises a thin eyebrow ‘nothing an architect and a couple engineers couldn’t take care of: my grandfather decided we weren’t going to leave our palace by any means”.

‘Lawrence dear, what’s wrong with Isabella? Her mother told me you don’t want to see her anymore’. The boy stands still, looking at the muddy streams of water beyond the window ‘she spent the whole saturday’s party talking with another guy’.
The lady steps closer ‘well, but…’
The boy turns and grabs her wrists ‘I don’t trust her, Frida. I don’t trust her anymore!’

‘And you think smashing the teeth of a boy just because he drew a swastika on your book is a valid reason? Did I teach you wing tsun for that?’
Frida holds the pad with the teacher note until her fingers turn blue.

The man in a black armour with red details rushes in the huge hall, decorated with Tiziano paintings. ‘Frida, I’ve got to go. The bastards wanted me to blow a whole quarter of civils. They will report me to martial court. I made sure no one will ever bother you’.

The Agusta-Huawei helico silenty lands on the flat roof. It is all black with red details. A thirty-something lady wearing large sunglasses jumps down from it. Something big is burning in the distance.

The faculties of a broken heart


The school teacher stands in front of twentythree children, all sitting behind their desks.
“..and that’s how the town got submerged. The pumping of water under the soil as a substitute for the extracted oil didn’t quite work out”.
A bell rings, the children stand up and run outside the class.
The teacher looks at the only one still in the classroom, who’s slowly walking out.
“Gabrieli! You asked for piano lessons, right?”
The child stops, removes the dark hair flip from his eyes and looks up “yes, mistress Rosselli”.
“Well, Miss Bianchi is only available to meet you now. She’s waiting upstairs in the music room. Now make your move!”

Lawrence runs up the stairs, the sunlight casting shadows through the windows’ iron bars.
He knocks three times on the door, and opens it after a while, since there’s no reply.
An old lady with long grey hair is reading a dossier, sitting at the grand piano.
Lawrence Gabrieli, Born March, 1 2440. Father: Daniele Gabrieli, deceased. Mother: Edith Winter, deceased. Brother: Peter Gabrieli.
The lady notices the presence of the child standing in the middle of the dark, dusty room.
Three large windows on the opposite side are covered by blue drapes.

She taps on the bench twice “Come sit here!”
Lawrence sits down, looks at the old, scratched Bösendorfer, an electronic keyboard inserted where the piano keyboard once was, then looks at the lady. “My father had a real one, a grand Steinway!”
“Oh, so you can already play, can you?” The child nods, looking at the keyboard.

The room door opens, a caretaker in her uniform appears “It’s time for a nap, sweety”.
The lady at the piano nods in agreement “See you tomorrow at the same time”.

Lawrence sits in his bed, looking very disappointed “…but Miss Giulia, I’m not tired!”
The caretaker pushes him down and tucks him in “All children must take their afternoon nap, now be quiet and sleep tight”. She switches off the small wall neon lamp and walks away.

The black hovercar flies over the green hills of Belluno, a factory passing by from time to time.
Edith Winter holds the child in her arms, smiling. Her hair fly in the sun.
“Mom, would one of us two have to die, who would you choose?”
Edith caresses the child dark hair removing the flip from his eyes “I would choose to die myself, Lawrence”. She kisses him and holds him tight.

Celestalis wakes up on the carpet. His neck is aching, his eyes are burning.
He reaches for a flat plastic flask, grabs a small black box and gulps down a painkiller, then two sleeping pills.

Outside of the big window, a dark cypher car crosses a yellow gravtaxi in the neon night.