Celestalis enters the medlab, supported by Xer0.

He lies on the couch, then closes his eyes. Thrill removes his armour, piece by piece, revealing burns and blood blisters on his skin.
She spends half an hour operating devices on him, then, when she’s finished, Lawrence looks asleep.
Frida is waiting in a corner. She looks at Xer0, who nods and sits close to Celestalis, she then looks at Thrill and exits the medlab. Thrill steadily follows her.

They both enter a lounge room and sit on a pale blue bench. Frida lifts her chin “So?”
Thrill shivers “Oh, at first it went very well. We parachuted on Nova Venetia at night, as agreed. Ash was jamming their systems. Xer0 hacked the hatch in 30 seconds and we breached in.
Everyone was silent, even Djehan was fast and moving slyly. I didn’t agree at first, but Lawrence was right. Then Ash sat in the lotus position and started accessing their system. I hate it when her AI half takes over, but she looked like she knew what she was doing.

Then the black guards ran in. Oh, fuck, Frida! Lawrence started moving very fast, but his eyes looked like holes, black holes on a ghost. I had to look away and concentrate on shielding Ashling from the guards.
Djehan was grinning while she made her way through the soldiers with her grey machetes. At one point she started singing a children song.
Xer0 was laughing out loud. She danced around cutting everything with her claws.
When Ash opened her eyes, no guard was standing. We escaped to the roof and ignited our backpacks.”

Frida says nothing, sipping green tea from a cup. Then she turns towards Thrill again “And we have got it, right?”
Thrill shakes her head “Yes, yes. We have it. Ash and Djehan are on stasis downstairs. They should be fine, ten to twenty days.” She gulps her tea down, then shivers again.
“Frida, I don’t know if I want to stay. Now I know why everyone’s afraid of the Crimsons.
I’m trained and skilled, but that was too much! It’s insane! I signed to be in a black ops crew, not to mess with cruel voodoo gods.”
Frida smiles “You will get used to this. It’s just business. Everything will be alright”.


10 thoughts on “Fallback

  1. That was a nice story but I never RP’d any of it and now my character is in stasis for how long? She didn’t even get injured in a battle I never played in. Did you just put my character out of commission for 2 weeks without asking? How is that fair? Also, Ash would have kicked a lot of ass during that scene. She’s quite good at combat, always has been, especially if her AI is in control. She battled Abbot, she killed an IPS captain in an EPIC hand-to-hand battle. She took over the Chinese Triad (mafia) and was a shoot-first-ask-questions-later kind of gal who didn’t mince words. She’d have cleaned up here. Quite.